Night at The Cove Palisades

Hey guys, I've been feeling sick this week. I did however went out to take a photo at the cove palisades, Two and a half hour drive from Portland, quite the drive through the night and arrived at around 10pm, I parked off the side of the road and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dark which typically takes about 30mins. I saw a cluster of stars on top of the canyon to the far right of the orion belt, did a little research and its the Pleiades star cluster.
Cause I was sick I didn't want to stay around for long, probably the worst idea to rush to take photos haha, anyways I wanted to do a panoramic of the canyon but didn't come out right so I just put 6 photos together which you'll find in "latest" tab. Thanks for coming by and reading my blog! Have a wonderful day :)